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InterBiz Inc. focuses on multilingualism through our global marketing business and YAKUSURU translation service.
We promote true globalization by supporting and increasing successful Japanese companies around the world.


  • YAKUSURU Translation Service

    Realization of wide range support in multilingualization with a focus on “cost reduction,” “shortened delivery term,” and “secure quality.”

    InterBiz Inc. provides services in other fields such as translation, interpretation, and making multilingual websites along with its core YAKUSURU translation service. We always have a large pool of translators to deal with large-scale projects and speed-required projects at any time. We are pleased to announce that we have achieved more than 500 business deals in two years from our service launch. Our services have been esteemed by many of our clients. YAKUSURU supports clients to expand their global business with its leverage of multilingual services. Please contact us via the contact form below or <Details> on the left for a free quote.


  • Global Marketing Business

    We think with a global perspective and develop borderless relationships.

    In recent years, business has become borderless due to diversification of communication channels. However, because each country has its own marketing style, there are many cases that companies have to give up their overseas ambitions due to ineffective marketing strategies. InterBiz global marketing business creates satisfied results by providing the best marketing solutions for each target market, utilizing its native English speaking, Chinese speaking, and Korean speaking staffs.

  • HR

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  • HR Support Service

    We support smooth overseas business development by bridging the gap between global companies and individuals who have international communication skills.

    In the Japanese market where the declining birth rate and aging population is an issue, 75.3% of enterprises answered that they are planning “to expand business scales overseas” in 2015. This is a number that has increased by 150% compared to the same survey taken in 2012. In addition, the need for multilingual global leaders is increasing year by year due to the diversification of communication channels and borderless businesses.
    However, there are not enough people who are well versed in multi languages, and in reality, consumes both cost and time.
    We provide HR support services in various ways for a smooth overseas development for clients by utilizing our cultivated human resources network as a translation company.


  • Company NameInterBiz Inc.

    Nobukazu Miyoshi (U.S. CPA)

    Kenta Robert Otake

    Location 2F Shiba YS Bldg
    2-16-9 Shiba, Minatoku,Tokyo
    Phone Number +81-3-6435-4934
    FAX Number +81-3-6435-4944
    Business Description YAKUSURU Translation Service <Translation, Interpretation, Multilingual website >
    Global Marketing Business
    HR Support Service
    Real Estate Management Representation for Investment
    EstablishmentApril 5, 2016
    Capital Fund 6,000,000 yen
    BanksThe Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Roppongi Branch


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